founX Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How long does it take to install founX®?

Within a day, the system will be up and running, giving you instant results, and immediate & continuous payback.

Who hosts founX®?


What kind of support do we offer?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties email - someone will respond within 24 hours.

Send any suggestions and comments to

How do I create a meeting?

There are a few options: but simply there is a “Create New Compass” button on each page of the founX® instance. Click and fill out the necessary information within 7 minutes or less.


Is there a place to view my upcoming meetings?

Yes, if a participant is part of any one-time or recurring meeting, up to 4 meetings are visible on the Dashboard. However, by using the arrow on the right, the participant can view all their meetings.

On the Meetings page, search under Group, Area, Activity to find any planned meetings.


Can I view/edit meetings that have been created but not started?
Yes, view or edit any Compass meetings for any Activity.
Can I view notes from a previously held meeting?
Yes, from the Meeting page. Choose your Group, Area & Activity then choose the meeting you need.

Execution Journal

Can more than 1 person be assigned an action item?

Yes, if they are a member of the activity.

Can an execution item be deleted?

No, but it can be cancelled and then archived.

Once an item is marked complete in error, can it be undone?
If the page has not been saved or moved to another page, yes. But, if the page has been saved or moved to another page then it cannot.
Can Action Items be sorted by date, priority, etc.?
Yes, all columns can be sorted.


How are users added to the founX® instance?
There are 2 ways:

  • Add each person one-by-one.
  • Upload with excel using a special format.

Group / Area / Activity

How many G/A/A can we create?

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