founX® Pricing

founX® Meeting Management Pricing

founX® understands that many businesses are adjusting to remote meetings.  We are offering 30 days free through May 1st to help you transition.


Small Groups

10-100 Users

$12 per month, per user


Mid-Sized Groups

100-500 Users

$10 per month, per user


Large Groups

500+ Users

$8 per month, per user

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install founX®?

Within a day, the system will be up and running, giving you instant results, and immediate & continuous payback.

Who hosts founX®?

Everything is hosted for you, with all departments, in all locations, under the same secure (SSL) information. 

What kind of support do we offer?



"Just completed a few meetings with founX® and I had a fist full of action items. My head was spinning but when I sat down to see what I had to do it was so simple to find all my action items it really made my day. Good value!"

Ron Myshka

Vice President, Deli Express

"I have 36 years’ experience…including serving in positions of CEO, Executive VP, VP Sales and Marketing… with companies ranging from a start-up to Fortune 200 companies. founX® is an easy to manage system that provides all the tools needed for a team or an organization to have a complete view of the process. The information flow and accountability to make decisions and follow through is the best I have seen."
Geoff Beaston

Sr. VP, Klaussner Home Furnishings, Inc.

"We endorse founX® to our clients…. Our experience has been that management teams never have a shortage of good ideas…. Most of them just never get done! The founX® system changes all that… Upon implementation, now MOST of plans are getting done! Implementing founX® can make a dramatic change within an organization and its culture."

Don MeckeBrowning

Business Development, Mecke and O’Neal Investment Banking

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