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founX Meeting Software is a transformative tool for meeting optimization that shifts control back to you. Run efficient team meetings with a detailed action plan for each meeting, so each meeting runs with laser focus. Do not allow meetings to run your organization – get the best meeting management software to help you take back control.

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Effective Meeting Management Tools

Most strategic meeting management software does the opposite of making your team more productive by reducing productivity and taking time away from your team. founX meeting management software uses effective meeting strategies and efficient team meeting processes to save you time otherwise lost to unproductive meetings. Our system dramatically improves individual and team meeting management effectiveness.

The founX meeting management tools achieve these results by making all important information visible to all meeting participants. Our platform significantly reduces meeting waste by getting everyone on the same page before and during a meeting. We help you create meetings quickly, run them efficiently, and finish them decisively.

founX® Meeting Software uses proven processes and meeting management tools that save you time otherwise lost to unproductive meetings. Using a template approach to planning and executing highly productive and efficient meetings, our platform dramatically improves individual and team productivity and execution.

founX achieves these startling results by making all vital information visible to all stakeholders and meeting participants. By putting everyone on the same page before and during a meeting, founX significantly reduces the amount of wasted time trying to get everyone on the same page. With founX Meeting Software, you can create a meeting quickly, run them efficiently, and close them decisively.

The Old Way of Running Meetings

It is no secret – work meetings waste time. If your organization does not have an effective meeting management system, you are losing hundreds of staff-hours every day. founX Meeting Software effectively addresses this, and other challenges organizations face when optimizing time employees spend on and in meetings.

Significant Time Wasted

Employees routinely lose time in ineffective and unproductive meetings. Such meetings typically start without a detailed plan, clear workflow, or time management, and an overall lack of structure. The result is a meeting that gets little done while eating into your employee’s time.

Poor Productivity

Meetings that do not accurately measure the effectiveness of proceedings often fail to generate significant results. The reason is simple – what you cannot measure, you cannot manage. If your organization does not have a system to measure meeting effectiveness, you have no way to understand, gauge, or improve productivity.

Lack of Visibility

Most meetings lack visibility as they rely on the anecdotal reports generated by attendees. This severely hinders managers and team leaders from gaining valuable insights the meetings are creating. Often, the result is more meetings about previous meetings, which highlights the importance of meeting management software. The issues are exaggerated when everyone leaves the meeting without clearly documented next steps, who is responsible for what, and when is it due.

A Meeting Management Tool For Conducting Effective Meetings

Drastically Reduces Time Spent Planning & Executing Meetings

Significantly reducing the time spent planning and executing meetings can help bolster team productivity and effectiveness. Following a step-by-step process can enable meeting managers to plan effective and efficient meetings without hassle. The best meeting software solution will empower you to spend more time on value-creating activities instead of being bogged down by the problematic old ways of planning meetings.


Greatly Increases Meeting Accountability

Enhancing meeting accountability helps efficiently enhance team meeting management effectiveness. You need the best meeting management software to ensure that participants accept responsibility to complete tasks with an agreed-upon deadline. This information is readily accessible on the Dashboard and in the Execution Journal® once a meeting has ended. This founX accountability tool tracks assigned task completion percentages and flags them for follow-up during later meetings.

Seamlessly Captures Meeting Decisions

Meeting participants should be able to capture decisions made in meetings within a transparently shared dashboard. The best meeting software enables team leaders and managers to maintain a clear picture of the decisions made at each meeting. When combined across multiple meetings, this information will provide a dynamic view of the progress teams make across various functions and projects.

Introducing founX’s Online Meeting Management Software

founX is a comprehensive suite of enterprise meeting management software that makes planning and conducting effective meeting management easy. Cut downtime and wasted resources through an intelligent and easily applied meeting workflow that your entire company can use to generate effective meeting plans and achieve higher productivity levels.

founX Meeting Management Software Benefits

Reduce Time Wastage

founX tackles a critical challenge all businesses face – time management. By streamlining meetings and enhancing the planning, running, and follow-up phases, founX significantly reduces the amount of time wasted in meeting and after meetings. Using founX will help you take back control of your meetings and run them instead of the meetings running you.y.

Intelligently Plan and Run Meetings

founX strategic meeting management software includes intuitive meeting management tools that help you run amazing team meetings effectively. One of the platform’s core features, The Meeting COMPASS, uses a template-based process to assist you in creating highly productive meetings.


Enhance Attendee Accountability

founX Meeting Software makes it easy to keep all meeting attendees accountable through an integrated task management tool. During a meeting, attendees can be assigned tasks that are visible on the task list immediately. As they complete the tasks, the Dashboard will show a progressive percentage completion rate, which can be used during follow-up meetings. At the end of each meeting, all attendees participate in a two-minute process to rate the meeting and attendee effectiveness. Over time team performance improves dramatically with less wasted time in meetings and more milestones accomplished.

No More Wasted Time Creating Meeting Minutes

founX’s online meeting management software provides all participants with immediate meeting minutes via email as soon as the meeting has ended. Everyone will know what was discussed, the decisions made, and tasks agreed upon.

Generate Valuable Data and Reports

founX’s meeting management tools generate valuable data such as meeting attendance, assigned tasks, and decisions made during meetings. This data helps managers and leaders quickly get a bird’s eye view of their teams’ progress. Moreover, the data and exportable reports can be used in other organizational workflows, turning meetings into an integrated part of the overall workflow.


The Four Pillars of founX®

founX promotes and manages meeting execution by combining thinking, systems, and tools. We have the best meeting management software that covers far more ground than other tools on the market. We are experts in managing meeting execution and have developed a system that incorporates our best practices to promote the right thinking, using the right tools, at the right time. founX is intuitive, updated in real time, and provides the visibility and accountability your organization needs to make sure your execution improves.

founx-four-pillars-dashboard-meeting management tool


The founX® Dashboard is your mission control. On the Dashboard, you will find information about your upcoming meetings and your Execution Journal(R) items (task list). Quickly browse your day and prioritize your time, so you do not have to adjust your day on the fly to accommodate last-minute meetings or meetings buried in your calendar.

founx-four-pillars-meeting-compass-effective meeting management

Create Meeting Compass®

The Meeting Compass® is a simple yet powerful templated process that makes it easy to create effective and efficient meetings in under seven minutes. With the template, you can effortlessly define the meeting’s core purpose, outcomes, members and roles, preparation, and agenda. The Meeting Compass transforms meetings from a fishing expedition into a laser-focused tactical mission.

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Conduct Meeting

founX® Meeting Management Workshop is an interactive meeting management program that teaches leaders, managers, and team leaders how to run meetings effectively using the founX® Software platform and thinking. Learn how founX® Meeting Management Software can save you and your team significant amounts of time while boosting your productivity and work efficiency.

founx-four-pillars-execution-journal-best meeting management software

Execution Journal®

The founX Execution Journal® is a productivity hub that displays all action items, decisions, and parking lot items captured in and out of meetings. Each item has a visible status, so you know which tasks are progressing and which ones need more attention. The Execution Journal provides an excellent way to turn meetings into actionable tasks that help you meet your business goals.

“Just completed a few meetings with founX® and I had a fist full of action items. My head was spinning but when I sat down to see what I had to do it was so simple to find all my action items it really made my day. Good value!”

Ron Myshka
Vice President, Deli Express

“I have 36 years’ experience…including serving in positions of CEO, Executive VP, VP Sales and Marketing… with companies ranging from a start-up to Fortune 200 companies. founX® is an easy to manage system that provides all the tools needed for a team or an organization to have a complete view of the process. The information flow and accountability to make decisions and follow through is the best I have seen.”

Geoff Beaston
Sr. VP, Klaussner Home Furnishings, Inc.

“We endorse founX® to our clients…. Our experience has been that management teams never have a shortage of good ideas…. Most of them just never get done! The founX® system changes all that… Upon implementation, now MOST of plans are getting done! Implementing founX® can make a dramatic change within an organization and its culture.”

Don Mecke
Business Development, Browning, Mecke and O’Neal Investment Banking

“In many situations, people have their own preference for how they run a meeting, but without a common structure, meetings can become unfocused rehashes of previous meetings. They don’t have any way to capture the activity of the meeting, who’s there, when it was held, some minutes, what decisions were made, or what are the next steps.

“We as a company spent about 35,000 hours per year in meetings. Overall, founX® helped us reduce the amount of time spent in meetings, improve visibility, and increase productivity. We cut our time in meetings by 30%, the equivalent of adding 6 full-time employees to the company.”

Dave Thomas

“Organizational leaders set strategic targets and goals on a regular basis, but when these targets are compared to actual results, gaps exist. We call this the ‘execution gap’. The execution gap is pure waste, something an organization can never recover like time, energy, and resources.

“This system is very stable and it works. It will help any committed team, and especially an organization, plan and conduct better meetings. It will help the right people see current state of activities. Leaders are able to see teams and individuals that are struggling with execution and help align resources to the need and close the execution gap.”

Kenny Larson
President, Slumberland Furniture

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