Improve Meeting Efficiency With founX Online Meeting Planning Software

founX provides the best meeting planning software for running efficient meetings and making your company more productive. Our platform provides a full suite of meeting organization tools to maximize the output of a meeting. founX helps define efficient meeting structure, rules, and goals — setting your team up for success.

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Improve Meeting Efficiency With founX Meeting Planning Software

Excessive meetings cause major issues. Participants are frequently disengaged, sometimes multitasking, and not fully present. In addition, different types of people respond to meetings in unique ways.

Unstructured Meetings Are a Waste of Time

Without an efficient meeting agenda and efficient meeting rules, team meetings are not effective or engaging. Companies with serious meeting waste need a solution to make meetings more efficient.


Time Wasted in Meetings Statistics

  • More than 50% of the time spent in meetings is unproductive and costs businesses an estimated $45 billion per year
  • Executives spend more than 75% of their time in meetings
  • 70% of executives found meetings they attend to be a waste of time
  • A manager’s average time spent in meetings is as high as 70% of their day
  • 25% of the time spent in meetings is discussing irrelevant topics

An App That Keeps All Meeting Info Organized

The business world today is clogged up with unproductive meetings. Solving the problem of meeting waste would allow companies to perform at a higher level. founX’s online meeting planning software does this by helping you prepare for and execute highly efficient and effective meetings.

Meeting Coordination Software Benefits

Using software that helps with meeting planning and coordination is a no-brainer. A list of benefits a company can look forward to includes:

  • Measure how much time is wasted in meetings
  • Reduce the time spent planning and participating in meetings
  • Accurately evaluate and improve team performance
  • Improve meeting behavior with more accountability
  • Run effective meetings and capture all the decisions made

Have Your Meetings Taken Control of Your Work?

best meeting planning software execution journal

founX Meeting Planning Software Improves Meeting Efficiency

The founX Execution Journal® allows you to view all of your projects at once, with ease. Knowing the status of each project, why and how it got there, and who is responsible to take specific actions — allows you to take back the reigns and make meetings more efficient.

create compass online meeting planning software

Why Are We Meeting Again?

Without a clear direction and purpose, meetings are a waste of time. founX strategic meeting planning software (powered by The Meeting COMPASS®) helps you define the purpose, desired outcomes, and efficient meeting agenda for every meeting. Not only that but when each participant is on the same page, your meetings waste less time while producing more action.

conduct the meeting strategic meeting planning software

Running Efficient Meetings: Keep Every Meeting on Track

Running efficient meetings is one thing, but having control of them is a whole other story. founX gives all participants visibility of the meeting’s goals and purposes along with all of the action items. Clarity produces focus, and people stay refreshed and get back to work sooner.

assign tasks best meeting planning software

Assign Tasks Without Confusion

Assign specific tasks to specific people so everyone knows who is responsible for what. Using this meeting organizer app will ensure all tasks are executed in a timely manner.

The Four Pillars of founX®  Meeting Planning Software

If you are prepared for your meetings and have a precise execution strategy, the value will be created from your meetings.


founX Dashboard

An overview of the information needed for a meeting at your fingertips is an important tool. The founX dashboard promotes a clear meeting plan strategy and schedule visibility. Here you find when meetings are scheduled and the plan of action for the meeting.


founX Meeting COMPASS®

Without a clear direction and purpose, meetings will waste your time. The Meeting COMPASS provides a simple, step-by-step way to plan an efficient meeting in less than seven minutes.


founX Conduct Meeting

Each user will have access to the Meeting COMPASS during the meeting. This allows users to view notes, action items, decisions, and parking lot items.


founX Execution Journal®

The founX Execution Journal is a one-stop-shop for all action items, decisions, and parking lot items captured. Knowing the status of each project, you take back the reins from your meetings and start executing more effectively.

It’s a fact — founX meeting software helps you define the purpose, desired outcome, preparation, and execution strategy. Not only that, but when each participant is on the same page, your meetings waste less time, and produce more action.

“The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.”

-Thomas Jefferson

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but habit.”


founX Foundational Thinking: How to Make Meetings Efficient

At the heart of the founX Online Planning Meeting Software lies a framework called the “PDCA Cycle” (Plan — Do — Check — Adjust). This timeless concept for continuous improvement provides a concrete approach to structure your work efficiently and effectively. This type of foundational thinking helps a company to understand how meetings and post-meetings should be handled.

Do You Want to Use founX Meeting Planning Software?

If you want to improve meeting efficiency, you should seriously consider using our meeting organization tools. founX is a great meeting organizer app that helps you start running more efficient meetings that produce real results. The founX system has been precisely crafted to help avoid meeting waste and ensure optimal meeting fluidity. Start today or request a demo!

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