By Brian Cain

In today’s business environment waiting on meeting minutes (or summary notes) for more than 1 hour after the meeting is too long.  My experience has shown that many times the meeting minutes are produced long after the meeting and as a result the participants of the meeting find little or no value in these notes when finally received.

With the internet at our fingertips we find information in a matter of seconds, we are not accustomed to waiting.  Most organizations have systems in place that allow team members to receive all critical information necessary to complete their work in an equally efficient manner.  An example would be your Business Intelligence System. If you agree with these facts, why are we waiting more than a few minutes after a meeting to receive a summary of the meeting. What can we do to work smarter, be better, and roll out efficiency to other areas of our organizations?

We have defined the critical components needed once a meeting is complete:

  1.     Date of the Meeting
  2.     Who attended
  3.     Start and Stop Time
  4.     Decisions Made
  5.     Clearly defined action items
  6.     High level notes to communicate the other critical items
  7.     An individual and team summary of how well the meeting was conducted

At founX® one of the key components of our system is to provide you all of this information and more in a simple and easy to read document.  As quickly as the meeting ends, all participants receive an email with The Meeting COMPASS® attached AND a link to the Execution Journal.


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