The Wall Street Journal has a very insightful article about having meetings in a company and the different types of people who can often hijack or sidetrack the meetings, creating poor morale and inefficiency. The article is called “Meet the Meeting Killers,” and it starts like this:

When it comes time for a meeting, co-workers can be deadly. Discussions get hijacked. Bad ideas fall like blunt objects. Long-winded colleagues consume all available oxygen, killing good ideas by asphyxiation.

Co-workers wander off topic, send texts, disrupt decision-making or behave in other dysfunctional ways. Even the best leaders can resort to desperate measures to keep the discussion on track: chocolate rewards, Elmo dolls and ice-cold rooms.

Perhaps you can relate.

founX® helps your organization by minimizing the meeting killers. Built on The Meeting COMPASS®, founX® provides you with a tool to not only plan meetings but to rate and quantify their success (or failure).

Fight the meeting killers. Be more productive with founX®.

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