By Steve Gran

1.Meetings are today’s new production floor.

The meeting is the production floor, operating room, sports field, performance stage for the modern worker. Statistics show 50 – 60% of time spent in meetings is waste. Would you accept that level of productivity from your doctor, your favorite sports team, and the actors in a play? Imagine if you went to play and the play took 3 hours but the actors only performed for ½ of that time. The rest of the time you just sat waiting. I think we all know what the answer. Why do we accept that level of production in meetings?  Maybe we think it’s just a necessary evil or the cost of doing business.

Challenge: go observe the productivity and waste in your meetings, today and throughout the week.

2. Skill level: Basic. Action: Meetings

Meetings are a basic foundational process that happen every day. A common definition of a meeting is a gathering of two or more people for a purpose. How many times do you meet with two or more people is a day (in or out of a conference room)? Without discipline to the basics we open the door to poor performance and waste. We all know the meeting basics, and have tried several tools but have we ever pulled it all together and committed to it? I mean really, really committed to being good at the basics.

Challenge: Evaluate how good you are at the meeting basics, today and throughout the week.

3. Team Performance is a function of High Performing Meetings

We often hear, “We recognize the problems our meetings present to us, and frankly they are horrible at times. But it’s not our biggest problem.”. If you have said or even thought that, this is an indicator that bad meetings really are your biggest problem. How can you get bigger initiatives and strategic work done more efficiently, on budget and on time? Improve your meetings (HINT: founX® can help). By doing this you will improve organizational productivity and results.  High performing teams have high performing meetings.

Challenge: Start a conversation. What do people think the correlation between meetings and performance is?

4. Without structure teams and individuals are more subject to the storms of organizational life.

Are people connecting in ways that are productive or maybe your team is going through difficult or “stormy” season right now? The storm analogy is a good one. During a storm we seek shelter or in this case structure. We need it but often do not like it because we are all creatures of personal preference. “I like it this way and I know my way is best.” This way of thinking is the signal of an impending storm. Clashes of individual personal preferences on how to manage meetings and execution are like hot and cold air colliding in nature. An organization’s meeting and execution structure should help steer teams away from the storms. If you don’t have one please reach out to us, we would love to help.

Challenge: Go find your organization’s meeting and execution structure and assess how good it is, today and throughout this week.

What are you waiting for? Bad meetings are a real problem in organization life today and it seems to be getting worse. The founX® way works and has helped thousands of people. Click here to request a free demo.


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